Question: What transmission oil pans are included in the 6 speed oil change kit?
Answer: Genuine ZF oil pans, as a matter of fact, we only sell original ZF parts.
  Question: Do I have to replace all oil pan screws during an oil change?
Answer: No, there is no technical reason to replace all screws. Oil pan screws only need to be replaced when the torx head is stripped or a screw broke during removal. Old oil pan screws have a torx 27 head, the new ones use torx 40 to prevent issues in the future.
 Question: Are the LifeGuard fluids compatible with the original factory fill?
Answer: The LifeGuard fluids ARE the original factory fill. The fluid is sold by ZF to car manufacturers and then sold under their own part number and name. The LifeGuard fluids we sell are bottled, packaged and shipped from ZF in Germany.
Question: Should I replace the mechatronic sleeve during an oil change?
Answer: Most older style mechatronic sleeves are leaking or will be leaking at one point in time. If you see any signs of leakage it should be replaced. An oil change is the ideal time to do so since the pan is off already. Read our instructions, it could save you a lot of money.