Mechatronic - early BMW 335 with N54 engine

Mechatronic - early BMW 335 with N54 engine
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Price: Currently not available
Product ID : 1071 198 976 06
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Currently not available


This remanufatured Mechatronic comes with oil pan, oil pan gasket, the sealing sleeve
and the adapter block between the mechatronic and the transmission housing.

The Mechatronic will fit the following transmissions:

 Trans Type  Where used  Main Parts List  Vehicle
 6HP21  1071 030 ...  003  E90-335 N54


A refundable core charge is added to the purchase price to ensure the core (defective part) is returned to us.
To receive a full refund of the core charge, the core must be returned in one piece, not disassembled and undamaged without missing components. Bare in mind that FedEx, UPS and other shippers do not appreciate oil leaking all over their trucks and facilities. Use trash bags to double package the core.
Upon inspection and the core in good condition we will issue a refund check to you.
A damaged, disassembled or uncomplete core will result in a reduction or complete loss of the core credit.
Check the "Technical Info" section of this website for "Mechatronic Replacement" hints.